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Assembly of steel structures

PJSC ASTARTA MES produces and assembles bearing steel structures of buildings and constructions:

  • towers
    (working buildings and constructions for placement of production facilities);
  • watch towers
    (elevator towers, structures for placement of repeating equipment);
  • pavilions and small architectural forms
    (metal frame with sandwich panels or profiled metal sheets, installation of suspended facades);
  • open sheds and roof systems
    (columns, frameworks, beams, stairs and flight of stairs, support pillars, service platforms);
  • conveyor galleries, elevated structures, bridges
    (for placement of production grain carriers, electric networks and other utility systems);
  • metal waterproofing of buried reinforced concrete structures
    (including caisson);
  • production and assembly of storage bunkers, receiving hoppers, embedded details and supporting structures, strengthening elements for damaged structures;
  • production of elements of space reinforcement cages

    The enterprise has experienced installation personnel and all required permits to work at heights.

  • производство башен, вышек, пальонов, ћј‘ов

    транспортные галереи, эстакады, мосты

    изготовление и монтаж бункеров, приемных воронок