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PJSC ASTARTA MES performs, as general contractor, turnkey construction works for grain processing facilities, including:

  • design of integral complexes of grain processing industry;
  • erection of precast reinforced constructions;
  • installation of monolithic concrete baseplates, baseplate frames and constructions;
  • all earthwork operations, in particular for territories of high seismic hazard and composite topography;
  • laying all kinds of utility systems;
  • reconstruction and strengthening of ramshackle and damaged buildings and structures;
  • services of special vehicles (stationary hoists and truck cranes, ready-mix delivery truck, truck transport);
  • house disassembling and breaking;
  • special erection works and commissioning of technological equipment of the grain processing complex, including assembly of aspiration system, production and electrical equipment.

Turnkey construction and reconstruction of the facilities of grain processing industry:

Grain silos (grain storages):

Силоса из сборного железобетона
Silos made of prefabricated reinforced concrete
Металлические силоса
Steel silos
Напольные зернохранилища повышенной загрузки
Flat-type grain storage with higher charge

Transportation facilities:

Узел приема зерна с автотранспорта
Unit for receiving grain from motor transport
узел отгрузки на железную дорогу
Unit for discharge on railway
узел выгрузки на автотранспорт
Unit for discharge on motor transport
узел выгрузки на автотранспорт
Transport elevated structures, galleries and elevator towers
Grain dryers

  • Laboratories, truck scales;
  • Grain cleaning towers, towers for technological equipment;
  • Fire ponds; Administrative and service buildings;
  • Road and coatings constraction