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Construction of elevators

  • grain terminal (powerful receiving, cleaning and drying of grain, temporary storage of large volumes for formation of shipments, powerful discharge on railway)
  • mill elevator (receiving, cleaning and drying of grain, middle-term storage according to technological requirements for formation of milling blends)
  • feed milling plant (receiving, cleaning and drying of grain, middle-term storage of several grain crops)
  • grain storages for long-term storage of large grain batches (powerful multi-flow receiving, cleaning and drying of grain, long-term storage of large volumes of several grain crops, powerful discharge on railway). Can be made both in the form of flat-type grain storage with higher charge and steel silos.

Construction of any elevator includes erection of basic units, namely:

  • Laboratory to check the quality of incoming material,
  • truck scalesTruck scale;
  • Receiving grain from motor transport (single-flow or multi-flow);
  • Grain cleaning tower (usually for several parallel flows);
  • Drying complex;
  • Silos for grain storage (silos for wet grain, operating, main silos);
  • Support infrastructure (fire reservoirs and pump station, administrative and service building, public amenities).

Depending on volumes of basic grain storage facilities, investment value of storage of one ton of grain is so much the less, when share of cost of processing complex in total cost of elevator is less.

Construction of elevators is divided into several stages

  • Design
  • Disassembly of existing buildings and structures
  • Earthwork operations (installation of pile basement, movement of earth according to fill and cut balance, excavation of pits)
  • Installation of monolithic concrete baseplate (formwork installation and disassembling, production and installation of reinforcement cages, concrete placement, waterproofing, assembly of baseplate bolts and embedded details)
  • Production and assembly of steel structures (conveyor galleries, bridges, open sheds, towers, etc.)
  • Assembly of production equipment (steel silos, equipment for receiving and transportation of grain, equipment for cleaning and drying of grain, quality inspection, assembly of electrical equipment)
  • Commissioning works

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