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About company

Our organization was established in 1944 for postwar reconstruction and further development of grain processing industry of the country. During postwar time the Ministry of procurements created the whole system Ц Ukrelevatormelstroy Ц with head business organizations in Kiev and eleven structural subdivisions in large regions. Kharkov subdivision also belonged to them Our enterprise is of the same age and is one of the first elements of this system. In the decades of its existence, personnel participated in construction of many grain processing enterprises in Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Sumy and Poltava regions.

Construction of high technology agricultural plants has always been, and remains principal direction of activity of our organization. We are proud that we belong to those organizations which, despite difficult years for the whole construction industry, have kept up professional traditions, personnel and production facilities.

Development of grain processing industry determined a whole new level of work of CJSC ASTARTA Melelevatorstroy, together with construction of reinforced concrete grain elevators, the enterprise mastered new technologies of construction of modern metal grain storages.

June 2011

Since 2009 cooperation with one of the leaders of corn market in Ukraine, Agricultural Limited Liability Company NIBULON (Nikolaev), has developed, for which units of receiving grain from motor transport and concrete baseplate of steel containers on elevators are in process of construction in Vitovo village (Chygyryn district, Cherkasy region), Kamenka-Dneprovskaya city (Zaporizhia region), Gradezhsk city (Kremenchug district, Poltava region), Novaya Odessa village (Nikolaev region), Velikie Korovintsi village (Zhytomyr region), Kozachie village (Beryslav district, Kherson region).

In 2008-2009 participated, as a general contractor, in construction of two largest elevator complexes in Europe for PJSC RISE with capacity up to 600 ths. tons in Stepanovka village of Sumy district, Sumy region and Chervonozavodskoe city of Lokhvytsia district, Poltava region.

CJSC Astarta MES is a joint stock company combining production facilities, professional personnel and gathered wide experience in construction of industrial grain processing facilities. Construction of flat-type grain storage with higher charge (up to 7 m) is mastered. Similar projects were implemented for LLC Inter-Agro in Poltava and Grebenka city of Poltava region.

Company specialists provide full support of the Customer at all stages, arranging design and planning of new facilities construction, perform all construction and installation, commissioning works. Expertise and gathered experience help to make prompt adjustments at all stages of the production process, which in its turn results in reduction of cost and terms of the facility constructions. Brand ASTARTA MELELEVATORSTROY, corporate style of work and quality of performed works become known all over Ukraine.

During privatization PDSP 1 of business organizations Tsentrelevatormelstroy is reorganized in Closed Joint Stock Company Astarta Melelevatorstroy.

Kharkov subdivision , which later became a part of business organizations Tsentrelevatormelstroy, was established in postwar years for reconstruction of grain processing  industry of USSR destroyed during occupation and military operations. It is the oldest subdivision for construction and reconstruction of the facilities of grain processing industry in Ukraine (elevators, feed milling plants, bread products plantes). Personnel of the enterprise participated in construction of the most grain processing facilities of Kharkov, Poltava and Sumy regions. During this period the brand identity of the enterprise included such large facilities as Novopokrovsky bread products plant in Novaya Pokrovka village, Kharkov region, elevators with capacity of 149 ths. tons in Saventsy village and Guty village of Kharkov region, Volchansky OEP and many other facilities made by the order of the Ministry of procurements of USSR.